From China to The United Kingdom, Chen’s route has covered almost twenty countries across two continents – and he’s done it all by pedalling his rickshaw, sleeping in it when he stops.

When he set off in 2010, Chen deliberately chose a longer route to London, so that he could take the message of the Olympic Spirit to as many people as possible.

His first port of call was Vietnam, followed by Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia. But unfortunately for Chen, he was forced to turn around after being denied entry to Singapore because a sharp-eyed border guard spotted a picture of the Chinese leader Chairman Mao in his rickshaw.

Heading back through Malaysia, a now-flooded Thailand and Laos, Chen again met with disappointment when he was turned away from Myanmar during the country’s period of military rule.

But Chen Guan Ming persisted. Heading back into South West China, Chen pedalled his rickshaw through Tibet, crossed the foothills of the majestic Himalayas and crossed into Pakistan. From there, he crossed through Afghanistan, Iran and into the Turkish winter. Despite temperatures that dipped below 30 degrees Celsius and four days spent with his wheels frozen to the ground, Chen eventually made it to Greece.

A quick boat trip from Greece to Italy, followed by a journey North to Calais, France put Chen just a short ferry ride away from his destination. Arriving in the UK on July 6th 2012, Chen finally made it to London three days later on July 9th. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The Future

Crossing the whole Asian and European continents has whetted Chen’s appetite for a challenge. Now, following the London 2012 Olympics, he’ll be heading to the next host city. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. To get there, he’ll need to cross the Atlantic, cycle across North America, through Mexico and Latin America, and then find a way around or through the mighty Amazon Rainforest.

If anyone can do all of that, Chen Guan Ming can!